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Our previous article talked about 3 key strategies to follow before you start creating video content.

To stay on track and discuss all the steps you should take before you press that record button, today we’ll discuss a handy tool that can help you: video scripts.

Why you should create a video script

When it comes to video creation, long-form video content requires a lot of work.

Several video editing tools on the market give you complete control over the final look of your video.

However, unless you have extensive video editing experience, it’s possible you won’t be able to create a quality long-form video from scratch…

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You’ve decided you want to do it; congratulations! Putting yourself out there and creating video content is a big step. But it’s a big step forward.

Whether you choose to do it to express yourself, learn or teach something, or to promote your business, the strategy to do it effectively remains the same.

To create content: videos, podcasts, articles, or simply run a presentation, requires you to formulate a plan.

The number one reason why some creators are more successful than others is organization.

If you scroll through 10 videos you’ve never seen before, you can tell which creators have…

Every user on our platform has a chance to earn a fair share of the revenue.

When? How?

Now, in the next chapter of our project. Monetization.

There are 3 core pillars of Earneo:

  • Content creators
  • Viewers
  • Moderators

Choosing one, or opting in on all 3 of them, can help you earn. You can monetize your content, or monetize your time.

How Do I Monetize Content on Earneo?

Content creators do their magic and publish a video on Earneo. If the video is compliant with our guidelines, we will approve it.

The moment that video starts generating advertising-income, 65% of that income belongs to you, Content Creator. …

Earneo Ambassador
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This program is a way for some of our supporters to become more involved in the project and help us grow and keep the community engaged.

What is the Earneo Ambassador Program?

We are looking for passionate individuals that are willing to be the face and voice of Earneo. Anyone is welcome to apply to become one of our Ambassadors.

We expect our Ambassadors to be involved with our community.

They should:

  • Grow the community by opening new social media groups
  • Educate our community and moderate our existing social media groups
  • Experience our apps: EarneoTube, Earneo iOS, Earneo Android and provide us with feedback
  • Help us…

Artistic creation allows people to express how they feel in many different ways. The expression can come from painting, sculpting, writing, speech, photography, and even video.

Video is one of the most useful expressive tools. We can incorporate all forms of artistic creation into it. We can sing, dance, talk… Then easily save it and share it for the whole world to see.

However, it is not easy to have the world share your videos and quickly become an overnight success. It takes time and effort. But, with the right tactics, you’ll be off to a great start.

Just bear in mind that the right techniques aren’t enough. It is necessary to have entertaining content.

You can have the best camera, microphone, and lighting, but if…

Our rebranding is finished and we are thrilled to take the next step: announcing the swap of our previously used SnapCoin with the new Earneo token (RNO).

We are moving forward in reaching our goal to become the first video sharing platform that uses Blockchain technology in a way that benefits everyone.

Today, we are introducing our new token and explaining how this move will serve our users and how and when it‘s going to happen.

Why are we swapping and what is the difference between RNO and SNPC?

We decided to move from the Ethereum blockchain to the Binance Chain. …

Screenshot of our website

Despite the name change, our mission remains the same: reward everyone on our platform!

Why did we change our name from Snapparazzi to Earneo?

Earneo marks the new phase of our adventure, combining blockchain technology and video-sharing.

The decision to rebrand Snapparazzi to Earneo came from our desire to simplify our message and serve our users more efficiently.

We wanted to further emphasize our mission of creating a fair video-sharing platform that rewards every user. Content Creators, Moderators, and of course, our Viewers.

The days of silence are over

Though we’ve been quiet over the last couple of months as these major changes took place, now we’re here, and we plan to be loud!

Earneo’s community…

Dear community,

we are finally entering a new ERA. After months of development, the Beta release is here! Since day 1, we’ve made a strong choice: 🚀to #Buidl and not announce unrealistic steps!

We need your feedback

Thanks to this Beta, we will be able to test our app — upload videos, watch videos — and get your FEEDBACK to improve it. It’s a mandatory step before the release of the final version.

We need Content Creators and Viewers

We know you’ve been waiting for months.

Now it’s your turn to play!

So please spread the word on social media, Telegram, WhatsApp, blogs, etc….We need Content Creators and Viewers!

Register here


Fake news is one of the biggest threats facing society today. Its ability to make wrong information look right and influence people to elect unsuitable leaders or buy from specific companies calls for urgent and concerted efforts to fight it using the best strategies.

Don’t you just hate it when you click on a link, earnestly read it, form opinions based on it only to realize it is fake news? Sucks, right? On a personal level, you should learn how to spot fake news and avoid getting influenced incorrectly.

Having said that, it is the decentralized community that stands the…

As promised, here is a visual of our DApp desktop version!

Take a look and give us your opinion!

— Take off soon … fasten your seatbelts! —

SNPC token is avalaible on Bitmart, LAToken and CoinTiger

Earneo — Create, Watch, Earn

Fairer Video sharing platform. Contents creators, Viewers, Moderators. Earn what you deserve.

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