Last year, we decided to migrate our tokens from Ethereum to the Binance Chain.

The swap to Binance Chain proved to be the right move, as Earneo users earn RNO tokens every single day by watching videos on our platform. By using BC, they have the option to withdraw tokens…

A few tips to help you create awesome videos

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Our previous article talked about 3 key strategies to follow before you start creating video content.

To stay on track and discuss all the steps you should take before you press that record button, today we’ll discuss a handy tool that can help you: video scripts.

Why you should create a video script

When it comes to…

Take a peek at this helpful guide before embarking on your video creation journey

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You’ve decided you want to do it; congratulations! Putting yourself out there and creating video content is a big step. But it’s a big step forward.

Whether you choose to do it to express yourself, learn or teach something, or to promote your business, the strategy to do it effectively…

Following the launch of Earneo Tube and Earneo Mobile app, we are on the lookout for passionate and talented leaders to tell the world about Earneo.

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This program is a way for some of our supporters to become more involved in the project and help us grow and keep the community engaged.

What is the Earneo Ambassador Program?

We are looking for passionate individuals that are willing to be the face and voice of Earneo. …

Artistic creation allows people to express how they feel in many different ways. The expression can come from painting, sculpting, writing, speech, photography, and even video.

Video is one of the most useful expressive tools. We can incorporate all forms of artistic creation into it. We can sing, dance, talk… Then easily save it and share it for the whole world to see.

However, it is not easy to have the world share your videos and…

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After months of internal changes, our project is stronger than ever before.

Despite the name change, our mission remains the same: reward everyone on our platform!

Why did we change our name from Snapparazzi to Earneo?

Earneo marks the new phase of our adventure, combining blockchain technology and video-sharing.

The decision to rebrand Snapparazzi to Earneo came from our desire to simplify our message and serve our users more efficiently.

We wanted…

Earneo — Create, Watch, Earn

Fairer Video sharing platform. Contents creators, Viewers, Moderators. Earn what you deserve.

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