Snapparazzi To Launch a DApp with a real purpose & a participating Audience

What is the current climate and the prediction for the future looking like for decentralised applications?

Recently tweeted by Canadian, Kevin Rooke (Twitter : @kerooke), an active observer and reviewer of cryptocurrency and DApp markets:

This paints a very dim picture of DApps and their importance to users. The problem seemingly being, that they are not widely supported, except in the Betting arena.

From the Twitter comments following the statement above, the consensus is that most DApps would still exist and even be ‘run better’ by operating simply as an App.

What are the benefits of a DApp for the User?

  • Decentralisation (of course).
  • Privacy & Security.
  • Simple payment processing without the need for third parties, such as PayPal, or a complex signing up procedure requiring the user giving away all of their personal credentials.
  • Freedom to participate in the activities of the DApp without outside permissions or the unwitting collection of personal data for the benefit of a centralised corporation, government or agency.
  • The blockchain records the transactions history, which guards it against intrusion.
  • Platforms can be strengthened by employing their own unique internal tokens to generate constant activity by rewarding and incentivising users, who ultimately benefit from pay-outs in cryptocurrency.

What is the Snapparazzi DApp and what are its unique benefits?

1 — A new business model focused on users : Creators ,Viewers and Moderators

This exciting new DApp (check our DNA here), under current development (release date : April 2019), is a decentralised media sharing platform. On first release it will be aimed especially at Content Creators and Video-Viewers, to whom the majority percentage of the advertising revenue generated will be shared with.

60% dedicated to Content Creators & amazingly 20% to Viewers!

Benefits include real earning opportunities for anyone with a smartphone, especially for those who have a penchant for video-making or watching online.

Also, Snapparazzi develops the ethos of decentralisation even further by offering DApp Users the opportunity to moderate the footage sent to the platform, (rather than a centralised authority) and be rewarded with a 2% share of advertising revenue.

Moderators will be supported by a ‘Charter of ethical guidelines for moderators’, but it is they who ultimately decide the video ratings and make the censorship judgements.

2 — Mass adoption on its way

In the first instance, payments will be received by users in cryptocurrency.

Additionally, there will be the choice of Fiat withdrawals, to encourage mass adoption of the DApp.

Mainstream adoption is a huge challenge to overcome. In order to integrate blockchain into our society on a daily basis, the product incorporating the technology has to be accessible, useful and appealing.

3 — User-friendly interface

Snapparazzi DApp has been designed to harness all of this, with eye-catching branding and a user-friendly interface.

The more users it attracts, the greater the number of new members that will be introduced and be familiarised with sending and receiving cryptocurrencies.

4 — SNPC, a real utility token

SnapCoin (SNPC) is the platform’s own utility token. With a real function to perform, SNPC is the fuel of the platform’s eco-system.

Snapparazzi expects initially, to be paid advertising revenue in Fiat, which will need to be converted to SNPC on the exchanges.

The SnapCoin tokens are then distributed to reward the platform users, who can withdraw and keep at a private address, or take to exchange. The number of transactions is limitless!

SNPC can be accessed easily by users, without going through monotonous KYC procedures and lengthy billing cycles associated with existing video-sharing platforms.

When will the DApp be available?

The first version is due for release by April 2019. Previews of the screen images have already been published and give a flavour of what’s to come.

The expert team of developers are working tirelessly to ensure that the DApp is ready and fully operational.

It won’t be long before you are able to explore and see for yourself, so remember to look out for further announcements nearer the time.

The outlook is optimistic. Snapparazzi is ticking all the boxes for a successful DApp!

Fairer Video sharing platform. Contents creators, Viewers, Moderators. Earn what you deserve.