Snapparazzi Versus Existing Media-Sharing Platforms

‘Disgruntled Content Creator- Actively Seeking a fairer media-sharing platform for real earnings and straightforward payment system.’

Snapparazzi, the brand new, decentralised platform and application is here to challenge the existing alternatives. Soon to offer a new option!

Platform Pandemonium

You may be thinking of those huge, infamous video platforms and search engines, and wondering how any new business could possibly compete?

Well, these established empires do not operate without a serious number of issues, especially for Content Creators who frequently report a catalogue of complaints with regards to how these platforms operate. With a myriad of technical hitches, prolonged copyright battles, payment barriers, the list is extensive.

Content Creators are facing more obstacles than ever before and are quite rightly angry with the lack of support shown by the platforms themselves.

It’s time for a change!

Where did my view count go?”

You may be surprised by the numerous technical problems encountered by even the professional Content Creators.

Issues such as video processing problems, error messages, delayed data analytics, even frozen or lost view counts. When this is your livelihood, likes, comments and view-counts really matter!

I just need to get established”

Conversely, it’s the lesser known individual Creators and smaller community voices that are being swallowed up and losing out to the top-ranking influencers.

With channels being unsuspectingly removed, as deemed too small for ads, and with 10,000 views required to qualify for earnings, it’s no wonder that these Content Creators are beginning to look elsewhere. They ought to have the same right to an opportunity to be heard, share their perspectives, experiences and talents.

Monetization Difficulties

The biggest controversy associated with the traditional platforms, however, has to be the payment opportunities offered, or the lack of such. A significant amount of hard-work and effort is going unrewarded.

Platform earning structures are less than sparing. Too little, too long to wait and far too complicated!

With difficult to obtain payment thresholds, waiting periods for access to earning, and cancellation penalties should you wish to close your account, the deal for users is poor.

It is alleged that monetization is becoming increasingly difficult. Videos can seemingly be rejected for no particular reason or be too readily judged unsuitable to be assigned adverts, therefore crushing the opportunity to earn.

MCN agents are also ‘cashing in’ at the expense of Content Creator earnings, taking a bit too much in return. We really want to work with MCNs, but only the fair ones!

“Let’s take the pressure off!”

Snapparazzi understands the frustrations and challenges faced by Content Creators. It intends to strengthen and improve the experiences for the media-sharing community by offering a much-improved deal and service.

Our professional team of specialists are designing and developing a user-friendly application and platform using the latest technologies. We already have an established community through our social media networks, which is a ready-made global audience running into of tens of thousands loyal followers.

Lucrative Payment Opportunities

In fact, there are several ways in which the dAPP user can earn through the Snapparazzi platform.

  • Content Creators will earn 60% of the advertising revenue generated.
  • Viewers who accept ads will earn 20% of the advertising revenue.
  • Our Community Moderators will receive 2% of the advertising revenue.

This is a far more generous arrangement compared with the percentages currently offered by the existing platforms.

A Unique Alternative

As a forward-thinking company, our strength is in our differences. We have launched an innovative project, championing Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency, including establishing our own cryptocurrency the ‘SnapCoin’ token (SNPC) which will be powering the Snapparazzi rewards system.

Decentralisation is key. We aspire to be a community led platform, listening and adapting to the needs of our users.

Payment Without Borders

Snapparazzi will offer payments to users in either SNPC or a FIAT currency of choice and will be readily and easily accessible. Anytime, anywhere in the internet connected world.

For payment in ‘SnapCoin’ you won’t need to go through the hassle of verifying a home address and setting up third party accounts as is required by some existing platforms.

Thanks to the Blockchain, payment in cryptocurrency is swift, secure, and recorded.

What’s great is the application itself and the user account is free!

Community Led Censorship

Video content received will be moderated by other Snapparazzi users in our community.

Anyone can become a Moderator by signing up on the app, providing a position is available in the given geolocation. We will obviously offer guidelines through our standards and ethics charter, but strongly feel that you, the users, make up your own minds about content available to view on the platform.

Moderators, in turn, will also receive grading, according to their performance. Highly ranking Moderators will receive additional bonus reward tokens. We are hiring very soon!

Community Spirit - Join Our ‘Snap Circle’

Would you rather a select group of lucky individuals make millions, or, millions of individuals make a decent wage as full-time Content Creators?

Snapparazzi invites you to showcase your talent and get rewarded for your work!

To find out more about us and the ways to become involved in our community, be sure to visit Please follow the link to Snapparazzi TV.

We recommend that you join our official Telegram group (more than 81k members) and our Twitter official account to keep abreast of our latest developments and news announcements.

If you are interested in the purchase of our Utility Token SNPC, head towards our current exchange listing sites. LAToken , BitMart and CoinTiger.

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